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Sr No.Product Name (Human Health)PharmacopieaTech packDMFTherapeutic Category
1.Baclofen IP/BP/USPWC/COPP/CEP 2017-133Muscle relaxant
2.R (+) Baclofen --Muscle relaxant
3.Bisoprolol FumarateUSP /Ph EurAnti Hypertensive
4.BrotizolamPh Eur-Sedative-Hypnotic
5.Buspirone hydrochloride USP-Anxiolytic
6.DapsoneIP/BP/Ph Eur/USPAntileprosy
7.DEAEC Dextran --Hypocholesterolaemic
8.Deferasirox -COPP/US DMF 030695Oral Iron Chelator
9.Hydroquinone USPWC/COPPDepigmentor
10.Oxybutynin hydrochloride Ph Eur/BPAnticholinergic
11.Raloxifene hydrochloride USP/Ph Eur-Antiosteoporosis
12.Timolol Maleate USP-Antihypertensive;Antiarrhythmic, Antianginal;Antiglucoma
13.Torsemide / Torsemide anhydrous USP/Ph EurWC/COPP/CEP 2015-228Diuretic
14.Ziprasidone hydrochlorideUSP-Antipsychotic
15.ImiquimodUSP-Immune Modulator
16.Colestipol hydrochloride--Anti hyperlipoproteinemic
17.Inosine Pranobex --Immunomodulator; Antiviral
18.Iproniazid phosphate --Antidepressant
19.Mirtazapine --Antidepressant

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